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Avoiding Electrical Issues in the Winter

It’s no surprise that Canadians use more power in the winter time.

Between the furnaces on full blast and the twinkling lights shining through the night, we consume more electricity than any other season of the year. This heavy load can take its toll on electrical equipment and cause more opportunities for risk including electrical damage or fire.


Evaluate Your Power

If you find that your breaker keeps tripping or that your lights tend to flicker, it could be a sign that your electrical circuit is attempting to handle more power than it was built to maintain. Homes built over twenty years ago may still have their original electrical system. The problem with this is that we don’t have the same energy consumption we did twenty years ago, and our new appliances may be too much for the breakers to bear. This is more than just inconvenient, an overloaded system runs the risk of electrical fire. Have an electrician inspect your home to see if you may need to increase your amperage.


Stay Warm, Stay Safe

Some Calgarians think that by using an electric space heater or electric blankets, they bypass a gas bill spike. While this may be the case, these devices use up a lot of electricity. Using them safely requires some due diligence. For example, ensure to inspect the cords and edges for any signs of wear and tear. Generally, it is best to replace these items every five years. Also, avoid using extension cords when powering heaters. Extension cords tend not to trip breakers when they overheat, making it easy for an electrical fire to occur.


Look for the Little Things

Taking a few moments when unpacking the holiday decor can help you identify any electrical red flags. Holiday lights should be in good working condition, otherwise it’s time to replace them. If your family tradition is putting up a Christmas tree, whether real or artificial, ensure to keep it away from all heat sources. Once you have all of your decorations up, visually inspect the space for any other red flags that may pop up. It only takes minutes to check and avoid a disaster that could last a lifetime.


Increasing your electrical use during the winter doesn’t need to increase your risk of electrical problems. Following these simple tips now will help you focus on the joy of the season, instead of a potential disaster. If you feel that your system may need an update, or you have questions about your energy consumption in the winter, give us a call today at: 403.995.FLIP (3547).