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Top Electrical Hazards to Watch Out for Children & Pets

If you’ve ever had a toddler or a terrier, you’ll know that both children and animals will find a way to get into anything they can reach.

Cupboards, couch cushions, and electrical outlets are all perfect places to explore for sticky fingers and wet noses. Short of putting your loved one in a bubble, you’ll need to find ways to keep them safe from all the hazards hidden in your home. This week we are going to explore how you can keep your little ones protected from electrical accidents.  


Unplug what you don’t need. When you’re gone for the day, don’t leave electronics plugged in or appliances running. Some of the most damaging electrical fires have occurred when pet owners have left the dryer running when they leave for work in the morning. 


Keep electrical cords out of sight. Not only are cords a tripping hazard, but they can be a lot of fun to play with if you’re a child or a power chewer. Diminish the temptation by tucking them away in an organized fashion.


Supervise the standalone heaters. As an electrical service company serving Calgary and area, we know all too well how cold it gets in the winter. Space heaters are great for keeping your home warm, but they are dangerous when left alone with children or pets in the room. 


Keep open communication. This one is definitely more for your child than your pet. Let them know the boundaries at a young age. For example, those big, green electrical boxes out front may seem like the perfect place to climb, but you’ll want to discourage that before it becomes an issue. Have a conversation with your child to let them know the risks of ignoring electrical safety. 


Invest in safety. Cheap electrical devices will cost you in the long run. By cutting corners you are putting your family at risk. Ensure that your home is outfitted properly by having an electrical inspection done by a certified electrician.


Follow these simple tips to keep your loved ones safe. For expert inspections and informative consultations, give us a call at 403.995.FLIP (3547) today!