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Water Damage and Electricity

Water Damage and Electricity - Westridge Electric - Electrical Contractor Calgary

Sometimes emergencies happen that are difficult to prevent or even predict.

When those emergencies involve mixing water and electricity, special considerations need to be made. Whether a pipe in your home has burst or you experience a flood, here is what you need to know about water damage:


When the Tide Is High

Electrical wiring in walls can be rendered dangerous and defective when it has been submerged in water. The longer the wires have been exposed to water, the more damage that will occur. The more damage, the more likely your wires will need to be replaced. Even though you may feel helpless as the water pours in, there is nothing you can do to salvage your electrical system at this point. In fact, no one can. The waters must be allowed to recede and the remaining should be completely pumped out.


In the Aftermath

After the water has been pumped out, the remaining moisture will still pose a very serious risk. Have all the electricity disconnected before anyone enters the affected areas of the home. At this point, have a qualified electrician come in to test the wiring and see what needs to be done.


But It’s Just Water!

Moisture can degrade the wiring insulation, increasing the risk of an electrical fire. Mold and mildew can grow in the wires and metal can corrode. For all these reasons, water can make your damaged wiring irreparable. On top of this, floodwater brings in oil, sewage, chemicals, and other substances that can cause a slew of issues in electrical wiring. Either way, evaluating and repairing the wiring should be left to an experienced electrician.


In the case that you experience water damage to your electrical wiring for whatever reason, call Westridge Electric right away. We can help diagnose, repair, and replace your wiring to ensure that you and your family don’t experience another emergency.