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Get Professionals for Ceiling Fan Installations

Get Professionals for Ceiling Fan Installations - Westridge Electric - Electricians Calgary

Our Calgary summers can leave our air feeling hot and stale, and ceiling fans offer us some much needed relief!

By keeping air circulating, giving off light, and adding unique decoration to any room, ceiling fans are a popular choice for Calgarians. However, just because something is a popular doesn’t mean that it will be the perfect DIY project. Here are three reasons that you’ll want to call in the professionals for your ceiling fan installation:


When dealing with electricity in any form, safety is a vital component. Licensed electricians know how to work with ceiling fans using all of the proper safety precautions. Deciding on a DIY installation means running the risk of falling fan blades and electrical sparks. Something to keep in mind as well is that a professional electrician will have a reasonable warranty. This means that if for some reason safety does become an issue, it can be resolved quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, doing it yourself leaves only yourself to blame for any mishaps.

Aside from being knowledgeable about safety procedures when working around electricity, electricians know their product, too. In any ceiling fan installation, a ceiling box is required. These boxes will vary depending on the ceiling fan being used. Choosing the wrong box can shake the fan loose and cause damage to the fan and the ceiling. Before you know it you’ll be spending even more money trying to fix your mistake!

Time Saver
Not only will an expert will be able to install your new ceiling fan safely and with the proper equipment, but in a manner respectful of your time. Most homeowners do not want to waste their entire weekend plugging away at a project that an expert could do in a fraction of the time. Less preparation, less installation time, and less clean up means that you can get back to normal right away.

If you need a ceiling fan installed in your home, contact the Westridge experts at 403-995-3547. We’ll get you cool in no time!