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Westridge Electric Wins HomeStars Best of Award - Best Electrician Calgary

OKOTOKS, February 7, 2017: Westridge Electric is pleased to announce that it has been

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How to Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Smoke Detectors

This 5 Minute Check Can Save Your Life

You’ve invested in carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors to keep your family safe. But are they really keeping you protected? Making monthly alarm checks a part of your life will ensure that you get the warning you need when it’s time to evacuate your home.

Here’s how to quickly check your alarms.

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Occupany Switches

Westridge Electric Saves Local Marriage 

An occupancy switch installed at a local residence has been credited with saving a couple's marriage.  

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Kohler Standby Home Generators

Why Choose a Standby Home Generator

When the power goes out, your generator kicks in automatically and your electricity and heat are back up and running.Unlike the hassles of a portable generator, Kohler Standby Generators start and stop automatically and do not require any involvement from the homeowner.There are no extension cords and no refuelling. Kohler Home Generators run on either natural gas or propane.

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Electrical Inspections

When Was Your Last Check-Up?

Your home's electrical system is constantly working and like anything else, it will eventually wear out and fail.  Unfortunately, failures in an electrical system can be catastrophic, leading to fire and electrocution hazards.  Regular check-ups, or electrical inspections, can keep your home's electrical system safe and give you peace of mind.

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Electrical Fire Prevention

It's Fire Prevention Week

Most people remember to check their smoke detectors and go over their fire escape plans with family members, but many don't consider what needs to be done to prevent electrical fires.

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Easy LED Upgrades

Why Choose  Lotus's Super Thin Recessed LED Fixtures?

Unlike traditional pot lights that can only be installed where the joist configuration allows these ½-inch Super Thin Recessed LED lights can be installed directly under joists if needed providing maximum layout flexibility.

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Aluminum Wiring Danger

The Major Fire Hazard Hidden Within Your Walls

Do you have aluminum wiring in your home? If your house was built between the mid 60's and the late 70's, there's a good possibility that you do. Because aluminum and copper expand and contract differently with various amounts of current and load, overheating of

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