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modern pendant light with vintage light bulb

10 Home Lighting Tips

Excellent lighting has turned many a humble space into a comfortable, welcoming environment, while poor lighting can make even the most well-designed room appear unappealing. But how can you master the subtle art of lighting for your place? Don’t worry; we’ve spent years helping customers in Okotoks and Calgary use effective lighting to create the …

When to Call an Electrician - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

When to Call an Electrician

Not all electrical fixes require a licensed electrician. When things get a little more complicated than changing a light bulb, it’s best to avoid DIY videos on the internet. When you start to notice any of these red flags, your home definitely requires the knowledge and finesse of an expert.    Flickering Lights Old bulbs …

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

The electricity that flows into your home, measured in amps, comes in through your electrical panel and is then distributed through different circuits. This way station is equipped with breakers or fuses that trip due to some sort of imbalance such as a short circuit, overload, or ground fault.  It is your electrical system’s most …

Extension Cord Etiquette - Westridge Electric - Electricians in Calgary - Featured Image

Extension Cord Etiquette

Have you ever started working on a project only to learn that there’s no electrical outlet where you need it? If so, you’ve probably just reached out for an extension cord, plugged it in, and continued your work. But did you know that there are some important safety precautions you should take whenever you use …

Low Voltage Systems - Westridge Electric - Calgary Electricians - Featured Image

Low Voltage Systems

Modern homes and businesses require the proper flow of electricity to keep them safe, comfortable, and functioning properly. Not all appliances and systems need the same amount of power. Too much power can fry the system or cause an electrocution hazard. Too little can render the appliance or system useless. This week we are going …