Biggest Uses of Electricity in Commercial Buildings

According to an American study, electricity makes up over 60% of total energy output in North American businesses.

That’s nearly twice as much as natural gas. It’s no surprise that electricity is such a well-used resource in commercial businesses, everything from lighting to HVAC to appliances depends on electricity to run.


Lighting and HVAC

Combined, these two components use an estimated 70-80% of a business’s electrical output. Lighting and HVAC don’t get a break in the same sense that other electrical systems do. Lights must be on at all times. Even at night, you’d be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t leave at least some lights on for security reasons. During business hours, lights must not only illuminate the space effectively, but create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A proficient lighting design must include several different components.


Keeping You Warm and Keeping You Cool

In much the same way as lighting, your commercial HVAC system remains on almost 24/7. In the winter months, the heating must maintain comfortable temperatures and combat the negative digits we experience in the winter. In the summertime, the air conditioning is likewise put on full blast to keep your workers and clients from sweating and overheating. Canada is home to some of the most extreme temperatures on the planet, our electrical systems work hard to keep up.


Staying Efficient

In addition to lighting and HVAC, commercial businesses must power appliances, data systems such as computers, security systems, and more! While those applications don’t eat up nearly as much electricity, they are integral to the success of any business. Maintaining these systems is key to ensuring that business owners aren’t overspending on their electrical output. Essentially, the more efficient your electrical systems are, the more money your company will save over time and the more smoothly your company will run.


Seems like a simple equation, doesn’t it? It absolutely is! The proper care for your commercial electrical system is just a phone call away. Give us a call at (403) 995-3547 today!